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Educards  – we play smart!

Hello! We are the Educards team and we are part of the Total Gravura Moldova company, which has 15 years of experience on the national and international market.

We formed the team as a result of the problems related to the education and care of our children, in the context in which, being deprived of the teaching activities of kindergartens and schools, we, the parents, were assigned an exclusive involvement in the preparation and learning process. . Then we decided to create products designed to turn training into a fun and interactive adventure for children, to maintain their enthusiasm and dedication for a long time, and to help parents succeed in channeling productive energy and harnessing their potential.

Our games promote the method of learning through play, which is a large-scale teaching strategy today due to the unbeatable efficiency demonstrated in pedagogical practices, as it offers the child developmental opportunities, not only cognitively, but also emotionally.

We support the idea that 21st century children need not only basic knowledge, but also the ability to think “out of the box” – to coherently analyze content, integrate it into new contexts, create new content and evaluate it; in other words, to cultivate cognitive flexibility so that they can assimilate and accommodate new information encountered throughout life.

However, in addition to usefulness, we are motivated to offer children beautiful emotions in the brightest and most magical part of their lives, when everything is lived with maximum intensity and curiosity, and their smile of exaltation is the greatest victory of parents!